Syphon Coffee

The syphon coffee maker is the brewer that’s going to make you the center of attention and they certainly create a talking point among friends and customers. This device looks more like a high school chemistry experiment than a coffee machine machine or apparatus.


   The syphon is regarded as one of the best methods for brewing coffee – that is, once you’ve mastered the ins and outs of how it works, making sure to pay special attention to various brewing variables. Although this coffee maker does require slightly a more hands-on approach and needs a bit more maintenance, the process is enjoyable and the final cup is incredible.


   Syphons produce a very clean extraction, which in turn, helps to unlock the flavors hidden deep inside of single origin coffees.

Back in the 1800s, it was believed that a finer ground coffee produced a tastier cup. However, water couldn’t easily pass through the fine grounds.  To solve this problem the vacuum coffee maker was born.  What makes the syphon different from other coffee makers is it's a combination of immersion and vacuum. This makes it different from everything else.


1. Measure 20 grams of freshly roasted coffee beans and grind it fine.

2. Measure 250g of water and fill the lower glass chamber. You can save time using preheated water instead to cut down heating time.

3. Insert the filter into the upper glass chamber. 

4. Turn the heat source on and start heating up. The Hario syphon kit comes with an alcohol burner.  There are after market burners/heaters available such as a halogen heater from Hario as well.

5. Set the upper vessel firmly to the lower chamber when water is starting to boil. You will notice water starting to travel up into the upper chamber due to the built-up pressure.


6. Aim for an ideal brewing temperature at 200°F. Use your thermometer and adjust the heat source adequately.

7. Pour in the coffee ground and start brewing.  Start your timer for a 1 minute countdown.

8. Stir to saturate all the coffee grounds. Using a wooden or plastic paddle or spoon.  Stir gently to mix it all up.


9. Remove heat source once the timer goes off. Coffee will start to travel downwards. The vacuum created beneath the lower chamber will suck all the coffee out from the upper vessel.  Coffee is filtered and collects at the bottom chamber.  A dome of grounds will form on top of the filter.


10.  Remove the upper vessel and set it in the built in stand/lid. Give the brew a few minutes to cool before serving.

What you need:






Wooden or plastic spoon

Estimated time:

About 8 to 10 minutes, including preparations.