• Koon Kee was established in 1950 as a coffee and tea manufacturer in Penang, Malaysia. Koon Kee built its reputation on high quality premium raw materials and great taste profile for its Premium White Coffee.
  • PBC Coffee has been distributing Koon Kee and Le Bistro coffee products since 2016.
  • The Traditional Range of Roasted Coffee are manufactured from high quality Indonesian coffee beans from the famed regions of Bali, Lamphong and Sumatra.
  • Description:  The traditional Kopi-O is a uniquely Malaysian Coffee drink served throughout the coffee shops in Malaysia. The combined roasting and caramelizing process produces a special aroma with the right degree of bitterness and body for the drink much revered by Malaysian coffee drinkers. Koon Kee’s Kopi-O is produced from top grade Sumatra LamPhong 320 Robusta beans. The beans are manually roasted using the same type of traditional wood fire roaster since the 1950s. Unlike the White Coffee, the Kopi-O powder is not soluble and can be brewed using a variety of coffee makers.
  • Expiry Date: All Koon Kee premium white coffee products carry a 2 year expiration date from date of manufacture.
  • Certification: JAKIM Halal & GMP.

  • Buyer Guarantee – Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and we will provide you with a replacement if you request an exchange from issues that arise.

Koon Kee Traditional Roasted Coffee - Sumatra Beans

  • All of Koon Kee's Traditional range of white coffee are manufactured with the best raw materials to ensure that every mug is a high quality aromatic beverage that highlights the pleasures of coffee drinking.