• Koon Kee was established in 1950 as a coffee and tea manufacturer in Penang, Malaysia. Koon Kee built its reputation on high quality premium raw materials and great taste profile for its Premium White Coffee.
  • PBC Coffee has been distributing Koon Kee and Le Bistro coffee products since 2016.
  • The Traditional Range of Premium White Coffee are blended from high grade Indonesian instant coffee and one of the highest grades of non dairy creamers available.
  • The Health Series of coffee is infused with high grade natural extracts to enhance your health as you go through the day.  This is a great coffee for lovers who want a high quality white coffee everyday.
  • Description:  Regular fibre intake is always an important part of a healthy diet. A type of high end soluble fibre, commercially known as Litesse, is added to the white coffee to help body-cleansing, lowering cholesterol, and preventing diabetes and obesity.  The high fibre coffee can also help to promote weight loss if consumed on a regular basis.
  • Expiry Date: All Koon Kee premium white coffee products carry a 2 year expiration date from date of manufacture.
  • Certification: JAKIM Halal & GMP.

  • Buyer Guarantee – Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and we will provide you with a replacement if you request an exchange from issues that arise.

Koon Kee Traditional Penang White Coffee - Health Series (High Fibre)

  • All of Koon Kee's Traditional range of white coffee are manufactured with the best raw materials to ensure that every mug is a high quality aromatic beverage that highlights the pleasures of coffee drinking.