Our mission is pure and simple. We aim to bring high quality coffee and tea solutions and household accessories to everyone, in line with your values. We innovate to create great designs at affordable prices based on our guiding principle that form follows functionality, while keeping an eye on sustainability, environmental responsibility, and respect for the wellbeing of our staff, our communities, and our planet."Good design doesn’t have to be expensive,"Peter Bodum.


Bodum Caffettiera French Press


Not only does the CAFFETTIERA coffee maker have a classic design, it also infuses the best aroma from your coffee and leaves hardly any residue behind in your cup! Simply add coarsely ground coffee powder and hot water, wait 4 minutes and then slowly push down the plunger – done. 




Original BODUM French Press Coffee Maker, 350 ml, 3 Cups

  • • With the typical BODUM Press Filter System for a full-bodied and aromatic coffee. 
    • The frame’s chrome-plated legs will protect your surfaces from heat damage. 
    • The chrome-plated stainless steel frame provides extra protection for the glass jug. 
    • The jug is made of taste-neutral and heat-resistant borosilicate glass; the handle and lid are made of plastic for safe handling. 
    • Environmentally friendly, as no paper filters or plastic capsules are required. 
    • Made in Europe 

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