Drip or Pour Your Way to Great Coffee

Accessories needed for pour over or drip coffee. L-R: Hario Buono Kettle, V60 Paper Filter (Brown), Hario V60 Plastic Drip & Hario Ceramic Mill (Skerton).

I'm sure you've been to a cafe in town and watched the barista pour a coffee using the drip system. Hario has been manufacturing high quality drip systems for the home and professional hand brewer for a long time.

Pour over coffee sounds complicated, but the process is surprisingly simple and the results can be amazing with just a little practice and cleanup takes a few seconds only. Since you are in control of factors like water temperature and brew time, you can expect amazing flavors in the finished cup. You only need to make small adjustments to fine tune the desired flavors once you have some practice.

Here's a basic rundown below. If you need more information, it's available at this link

The advantages & basic needs of hand pouring a coffee are:

  • Perfect Single Servings

  • Clear Flavors

  • Light & Medium Roasts

Step 1: Heat Water

As a general guide, heat 1 cup for every tablespoon of coffee you will use. If you prepare 30 grams of coffee, you'll need at least 2 cups of water.

​Step 2: Put Filter in Place

As the water is heating up, you should use this time to prepare your filter. You can still use a metal mesh filter for pour over coffee-making but paper filters are often more preferred due to their fineness and easy disposal later

While still at the filter, there is also debate on whether you need to rinse your filter or not. But, every coffee expert seems to recommend rinsing the filter before use as it helps to prevent a papery taste. Place the paper filter and dripper over the mug.

​Step 3: Grind Coffee Beans

You will need a medium-fine grind for pour over coffee, but a medium-coarse can also work well enough. Once the coffee grounds are ready, measure and add them to the filter. 20 to 30 grams of coffee is a good start. You should experiment to find you best mix. We use the Hario Ceramic Mill (Skerton) in PBC Coffee.

Step 4: Bloom the