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LeBistro FRESH is a commitment by LeBistro Coffee to offer freshly roasted coffee beans for the home brewers. Every bag of LeBistro Coffee will be clearly marked with the roasting date.

When you brew with freshly roasted coffee, you release the quality, complexity, sweetness, and distinctiveness of the coffee. It is also extremely healthy as it is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

As a commercial roaster, LeBistro Coffee has the advantage of being able to set aside some freshly-roasted coffee beans daily for the ultimate enjoyment of their customers.

​​LeBistro Fine Coffee

This is our entry level coffee that is developed for the general drinker who wants a good coffee, but is not selective of the region or species.  If you just want a good straight coffee daily, this is the range for you.

LeBistro Select: Global Intrigue

The LeBistro Select is a range of global coffee tailored to fit drinkers who want their coffee by specific regions.  These are great coffee for drinkers who want to experience the variations of coffee from different coffee growing regions of the world.  

LeBistro Essence: Timeless Classic

The LeBistro Essence range are all Grade 1 single origin coffee beans selected by country of origin and species.  This range of coffee is tailored for the drinker who wants a coffee that is carefully roasted to highlight the specific taste notes, unique to the species.  Our selection offered are coffee that's highly rated by drinkers around the world.

​LeBistro Essence Limited Edition: Specialty Passion

As part of the LeBistro Essence expansion selection, we are making a small selection of specialty coffee beans available for our customers when they are available (limited edition).  As supplies are limited, due to production at the farms, this section will be updated seasonally to highlight the availability of coffee beans in this section.

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