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Koon Kee had a humble beginning in the 1950s.  Over the years, it had grown to become a leading manufacturer of coffee and tea products in Penang.  Koon Kee's success is the result of the quality of its products which are based on the best ingredients and very stringent control of their manufacturing processes.

   Koon Kee's famous white coffee is specially blended to suit the taste of coffee lovers in Penang.  The white coffee and its variants are currently being served at about 3,000 outlets throughout Malaysia.  In the 1990s, Koon Kee's coffee was affectionately known as the "Kopi Towkay" - the "Tycoon's Coffee".  It was discovered by a journalist that the then richest man in Penang derived his business inspirations mostly from drinking Koon Kee's coffee.  The tycoon has since passed away, but the coffee shop in Hutton Lane, which the tycoon frequented almost every day, is still open for business and continues to serve the same coffee, in the same traditional manner as it had, for 3 generations.

   In 2005, Koon Kee launched the premium pack range of its Penang White Coffee, using the best possible ingredients and branded under its own trade name. When you purchase Koon Kee's Penang White Coffee, you bring home a superior packet of good coffee filled with Penang's unique traditions and lifestyle.  You will appreciate Penang life, from morning prayer calls, relaxing with friends after a hard day's work, watching stevedores unloading goods along the famous Penang harbour, or simply enhancing an artistic or business inspiration.  We hope you enjoy our coffee, as much as we have created the essence of Koon Kee, into our products.

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