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   PBC Coffee was established in 2017 by coffee lovers who wanted to share the tastes and aromas of great coffee with their friends.  It's an ongoing journey for all of us and we'll discover new aromas together as we find inspiration in the whiffs of freshly brewed coffee.

May We Deliver Coffee to You?

   When you visit a PBC store, you will have the opportunity to learn how to brew great coffee at home, see how coffee enthusiasts have been enjoying the great experience of creating and drinking great coffee at home.  We believe our meticulous effort is our commitment to you, ensuring that every sip of that perfect cup, drives your day to higher inspiration.  Inspire your day with freshly roasted coffee.

Who Are We

   PBC Coffee is managed by young people from various educational backgrounds.  What holds everyone together is the love for all things coffee.  


Koon Kee's Traditional Range of Penang White Coffee and it's variants:

Koon Kee had a humble beginning in the 1950s.  Over the years, it had grown to be the leading manufacturer of coffee and tea products in Penang.  Koon Kee's success is the result of the quality of its products which are based on the best ingredients and very stringent control of their manufacturing process.

   Koon Kee's famous white coffee is specially blended to suit the taste of coffee lovers in Penang.  The white coffee and its variants are currently being served at about 3,000 outlets in Penang and its adjacent states.  In the 1990s, Koon Kee's coffee was affectionately known as the "Kopi Towkay" - the "Tycoon's Coffee".  It was discovered by a reporter that the then richest man in Penang derived his business inspirations mostly from drinking Koon Kee's coffee.  The tycoon has since passed away, but the coffee shop in Hutton Lane, which the tycoon frequented almost every day, is still open for business and continues to serve the same coffee, in the same traditional manner as it had been, for 3 generations.

   In 2005, Koon Kee launched the premium pack range of its Penang White Coffee, using the best possible ingredients and branded under its own trade name, for visitors to Penang. When you bring home Koon Kee's Penang White Coffee, you not only bring back a superior pack of good coffee, but also bring with you Penang's unique tradition and lifestyle.  You will appreciate morning prayer calls, relaxing with friends after a hard day's work, watching stevedores unloading goods along the famous Penang harbour, or simply chasing after an artistic or business inspiration.    We hope you enjoy our coffee, as much as we have created the essence of Koon Kee, into our products.


The LeBistro Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans:

Koon Kee Tea & Coffee Factory started developing a range on roasted coffee beans in 2004.  ​These freshly roasted coffee beans are available as the LeBistro, LeBistro Select, LeBistro Signature, LeBistro Essence & LeBistro Limited Edition.  Every range is clearly defined to cater to the coffee lover and are carefully selected and roasted upon order, to maintain optimum freshness when you receive the product.

   LeBistro coffee beans are available in 200 grams a bag, medium roasted and packed in zippered aluminum foil bags, with a 1 one-way-valve.

Explaining the LeBistro range:

LeBistro: Fine Coffee

This is our entry level coffee that is developed for the general drinker who wants a good coffee, but is not selective of the region or species.  

​a) Breakfast Brew
b) All Day Brew

​LeBistro Select: Global Intrigue

The LeBistro Select is a range of global coffee tailored to fit drinkers who want their coffee by specific regions.  These are great coffee for drinkers who want to experience the variations of coffee from different coffee growing regions of the world.  

a) Bali Robusta
b) Brazil Arabica

c) Colombia Arabica

d) Ethiopia Arabica

e) Java Arabica

LeBistro Signature: Distinct Balance

-- Coming Soon --

LeBistro Essence: Timeless Classic

The LeBistro Essence range are all Grade 1 coffee beans selected by country of origin and species.  This range of coffee is tailored for the drinker who wants a coffee that is carefully roasted to highlight the specific taste notes, unique to the species.


a) Brazil Santos 2
b) Colombia Supremo

c) Ethiopia Sidamo

d) Java Special Select

e) ​Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1

LeBistro Essence Limited Edition: Specialty Passion

As part of the LeBistro Essence expansion selection, we are making a small selection of specialty coffee beans available for our customers when they are available (limited edition).  As supplies are limited, due to production at the farms, this section will be updated seasonally to highlight the availability of coffee beans in this section.

a) El Salvador Picacho SHG

b) Guatemala Huehuetenango SHG

c) Honduras Montecillos P3828

d) Sulawesi Toraja G1

e) Tanzania Karatu Nitin

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